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What you need to know… * DKA is a problem of insufficient (or inefficient) insulin * BGL > 250, bicarb < 18, pH < 7.3 = DKA * Problems with DKA are characterized by dehydration, acidosis, and relative hypokalemia. * Maintaining elevated minute ventilation is critical for managing DKA patients requiring airway management or respirtory support * […]

Lab Values You Should Know!

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A conversation today prompted me to write this quick note. Lab values. Most of us suck at interpreting them. Why? Probably because we don’t feel as if it applies to the care we provide. If that’s your opinion, you’re wrong. There is so much information you can get regarding your patient’s current status and potential […]

Airway, Airway, Airway… (part 1)

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I didn’t really have to think too long about what my first topical post would be. What is more important to a ditch medicine clinician than the ability to manage a patient’s airway? Answer?…nothing! In the tactical arena things have shifted to a heavy initial focus on life threatening hemorrhage control, and rightfully so. But […]