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5 Strategies to Avoid Burnout in EMS

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BURNOUT!!! Burnout is a risk to every EMS provider. If you’ve done this job fo’ a minute,  you know of what I speak. But if you’re new to the field, you may find burnout to be a foreign concept. “That won’t happen to me!” you say. Don’t worry, we’ve all spoken those words…and then we […]

Episode 2 – M.A.R.C.H2 – Rapid Trauma Assessment

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This week we introduce you to the M.A.R.C.H2 trauma assessment technique. This acronym will help you identify and prioritize the immediate life-threats you might encounter during the first minutes of trauma assessment. This is a useful tool. Take-a-listen and consider how you might incorporate this into your trauma assessment. As always, please comment and leave […]

So You Want to be a SWAT Medic? #2

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Last week we had a brief introduction to the SWAT medic.  This week we will dive deeper into the SWAT medic world, our selection process, and some of the duties we find ourselves performing. Let me start by saying when our medics operate with the SWAT team we are civilian employees of a local police department. […]