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See Something? Say Something! A Word on Critical Incidents

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Given the recent attack in Paris that left dozens dead or wounded, I thought it would be an appropriate time to talk about mental health. Many EMS services (and the public safety industry in general) have taken positive steps over the last decade in taking care of their clinicians’ mental health… but other services are […]

Ketamine – An EMS Wonder Drug?

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Ketamine has had a place in medicine for years. But it hasn’t been a fixture in the EMS drug box until recently. Today’s Sunday topic is a primer on ketamine.    Intro: I remember the first time I heard that my new service used Ketamine. It was quite the adjustment…before I had moved we pretty […]

Case of the Week #2

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EMS Case of the Week: These stories have been pulled from the annals of EMS lore. Likely each of these cases is an amalgam of many calls and many patients. But there are lessons to be learned from each story, that’s for sure. Review what the crew did. What would you have done differently? Maybe […]