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Case of the Week #2

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EMS Case of the Week: These stories have been pulled from the annals of EMS lore. Likely each of these cases is an amalgam of many calls and many patients. But there are lessons to be learned from each story, that’s for sure. Review what the crew did. What would you have done differently? Maybe […]

Sepsis – Prehospital Considerations

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Granny from the nursing home isn’t feeling well. She’s had a cough for a couple of weeks and finally went to the doctor a few days ago. He gave her something for the cough, “something-cillin” she says. But it just isn’t helping her. Now she has a fever, her breathing is a little rapid, and […]


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What you need to know… * DKA is a problem of insufficient (or inefficient) insulin * BGL > 250, bicarb < 18, pH < 7.3 = DKA * Problems with DKA are characterized by dehydration, acidosis, and relative hypokalemia. * Maintaining elevated minute ventilation is critical for managing DKA patients requiring airway management or respirtory support * […]